Material didático do Portuguese CourseIn today’s global business environment it is advantageous for executives in international companies to be able to communicate with staff and clients in their native languages.
For more than 20 years, we have been dedicated to teaching Brazilian Portuguese to foreigners arriving in Rio de Janeiro to work or for tourism.
While we can speak English and other languages, we find it effective to conduct lessons in Portuguese only. We tend to concentrate on situations orientated either towards business or everyday practical situations, but we are always happy to adapt the lessons in accordance with individual requirements.
Often we incorporate lessons into visits to restaurants, churches, theatres and other places of interest in Rio. While the priority is improving students’ Portuguese, We believe that providing an insight into the local culture is important in helping students to feel at home in Rio as quickly as possible.
We also offer a very effective and easy to use Online Lessons, where students can learn Brazilian Portuguese, even if they are not in Brazil.
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