A course aimed at anyone who wants to learn Brazilian Portuguese;
There is a strong focus on oral expression, pronunciation, and interaction, aimed at increasing students confidence through the learning process.

  • Lessons can be face-to-face or online;
  • The student can choose the place where he wants to take the lessons: At his office, at home, in our office or online;
  • Lesson length is one hour;
  • Classes can be re-schedule at no extra cost provided notify 24 hours in advance;
  • All prices are in Brazilian Real;
  • The prices displayed are for private lessons.


Regular Course

Covers a wide range of vocabulary and grammatical structures, with the aim of enabling
the student to speak, read and write in Portuguese.



Tailor Made Course

This option focuses on a linguistic area of the student’s choice. It is appropriate
for those with some prior knowledge of Portuguese who want to improve their fluency



Survival Course

Designed for those who come to Brazil for tourism or business and need to communicate in Portuguese in restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.




Maintain fluency in the Portuguese language. One subject is proposed in the class to stimulate conversation.




It is the only official and recognized diploma of Portuguese language studies for foreigners established by the Brazilian Ministry of Education and Culture (MEC). Our lessons prepare the student to do this exam.



You can also study Portuguese online without leaving home!
Don´t waste your time, start now.

Each student will be interviewed to assess his or her immediate
requirements. The appropriate course will then be chosen.

  • Levels available: Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced
  • Lesson length: One hour
  • Course type: Individual or small groups
  • Teaching material: Developed by Ana Emília Meireles


  1. You learn at your own rhythm and the classes are dedicated just to you;
  2. Because you are the only student, you will be speaking and thinking more in Portuguese. Consequently you’ll learn faster;
  3. You can choose the number of hours you want to study and take them when you prefer;
  4. You can choose the place where you are going to take the class. In your office, house or in our office;
  5. You can cancel and re-schedule classes at no extra cost provided you notify 24 hours in advance;
  6. You will have a personalized program. The course material will be prepared to suit your interest;